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Saving the Tiger - Fighting for Minds In Siberia

Education is an important part of saving the Siberian tiger, whose numbers, although increasing are still vulnerable to natural and man-made shocks. Key to their survival is education, engaging local communities in their natural environment and encouraging support of conservation initiatives.

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During the 1980s and 1990s an estimated 70 tigers were being poached each year and by 1993 there were fewer than 100 animals left in Siberia. Experts warned that unless drastic action was taken then the tiger could be extinct in the region by the year 2000. Thankfully a number of initiatives were undertaken which saw tiger numbers quadruple in just over 10 years, but crucial to maintaining this population growth is the education of the local population to support conservation measures.


The project aims to continue its support for a number of education and awareness programmes begun in local communities throughout Siberia. These target largely school age children and provide a host of activities designed to raise awareness of and support for the Siberian tiger.