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Beveridge Economic Empowerment

The Sir William Beveridge Foundation believes in the principle of helping people to help themselves. To this end, we have established an interest-free micro-credit pilot project in Haimchar, Chandpur District that has been running since January 2010. We are now looking to expand this project.

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More than half the population in Bangladesh live below the poverty line with an economy that is unable to provide their basic needs. There are many among them who have skills and experience but are unemployed. The Beveridge Foundation aims to provide the means for such people to create a stable and fulfilling life that, if sustained, would mean they themselves could go on to help other poor people. The idea is to create opportunities for people who have the skills to work and are willing.


The micro-credit project has been created for those people who have been adversely affected by climate change. By providing interest-free loans, the Founder and Directors of the Beveridge Foundation are showing that they are not interested in making a profit out of other peoples’ hardship but rather wish to provide the means to help them to lift themselves out of poverty. SWBF would is trying to help people build a sustainable living instead of having to live below thhe poverty line.