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The next ten years

We need you to help in developing a portfolio of tried and tested activities that support older peoples independence that assists in their wellbeing. A lifeline to the outside world

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Training is a major part of Sefton O.P.E.R.A.`s work in the community, involving volunteers, carers, staff from different agencies and groups, as well as beneficiaries. Every week volunteers deliver activities to approximately 150 older people totalling over 6,363 people every year. The project is a “doorstep” service for older people, who often feel neglected, afraid to go out, and who may have health issues, which they cannot always address. Giving these older people the opportunity to have contact with other people, whilst at the same time a taking part in one of O.P.E.R.A. activities Peer mentors also work to deliver important information, in areas such as falls prevention, healthy eating, pensions and welfare advice, winter warmth, smoking cessation, as well as actively listening to users about their concerns and issues. So we as an organisation can lobby on their behalf Sefton opera needs support to develop a range of activities to support older people in the community but as with everything this costs we need funding for development staff to work with older people to identify gaps and develop propjects to meet those gaps