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We aim to develop The Lets Talk About It project, where we will recruit a number of new volunteers, who will undergo relevant training and related oncosts to develop this element of the project . They will have an identifed worker who will support the development and delivery of the project. This project will provide information to all in a format that is easily understood, as well as innovative as we will go to the places that many of this group visits, reaching a hard to reach group, meeting them in places they feel safe in as well as developing a working partnership with the local CAB. We aim to meet these groups in doctor’s surgeries, pensioners groups and at luncheons clubs as well as health related events

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LETS TALK ABOUT IT - The links between poverty and ill health are well established yet often a holistic approach is not taken when trying to tackle these issues. Offering benefits advice and signposting in a healthcare setting is a good way of reaching the many older people who may not realize they are missing out on benefit entitlements. For many this could be the difference to having a meal or being warm each day.`Lets Talk About It` will be a community- based approach to health and well-being project which enlists the skills and experience of older people in developing and running activity projects. We aim to recruit new volunteers who will undertake Peer Mentor Training Programme , alongside training through the CAB programme which will raise their awareness of barriers to accessing benefits and advice in accessing benefits(Please note this training is not about making them experts, it is just about raising their awareness of what maybe available) and is an example of providing opportunities for older people to take on a peer mentor role in their own communities. • What we aim to achieve : A bank of dedicated trained volunteers • More older and vulnerable people having the relevant information to be able to make informed choices in relation to their finances, health and well-being • Easier access for older and more vulnerable people to access the right services at one point of call • Older and more vulnerable residents receiving the right support to remain in their home and be as independent as possible • Open lines of communication between different agencies and 3rd sector organisation to lobby for more services to support this group