The Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund

Rebuild Butansi Primary School in Uganda

Our project aims to assit education in Uganda by building 4 new teachers' houses at Butansi in order to attract and retain the best available teaching staff, thereby increasing academic achievements at the primary school.

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It ran from 12:54 PM, 21 June 2014 to 12:54 PM, 21 June 2014

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The population of Uganda is exploding and will, at the present rate, double in 20 years. The land cannot sustain the impoverished rural inhabitants, so education is vital to give children the opportujnity to escape poverty.


Good teachers provide quality education. If there is no accommodation on site then the school has to rent rooms locally which costs money, valuable money that could be spent on teaching aids and equipment. Also the teachers are spending time walking to and from school when they could be marking books or preparing lessons. If the school has boarders, then the teachers are needed for evening work.