Sponsor an orphan/street kid for just £1 a day

£1 a day is all it takes to provide an orphan or street kid (abandoned, literally living on the streets) with a place to stay, food, clothing and education. This project is currently running in Bangladesh, where we are working with established and experienced local partner organisations.

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It ran from 10:30 PM, 28 August 2014 to 10:30 PM, 28 August 2014

Registered Charity in England and Wales (1134689)

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Many children are orphaned due to natural disasters and diseases, often with no one to take care of them. Other children are abandoned by people no longer able to look after them. These children survive by begging or eating scraps thrown away by other impoverished families. They often go many days without a single scrap of food. A 'lucky' few find jobs working as labourers or servants, where they are mistreated and abused. Children as young as 6yrs old usually work 16-18 hrs a day.


We are working with local partner organisations to provide these children with accommodation, food and education (paying for school fees, uniforms, books, etc.).