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Emma Academy Project - Phase 1

Gua Africa plans to build five classrooms at the Leer Primary School, an area devastated by the twenty year long civil war and currently battling with primary school completion rates of less than 20%.

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It ran from 5:07 PM, 22 June 2015 to 5:07 PM, 22 June 2015





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The 20 year long civil war devastated Southern Sudan, leaving the country devoid of any infrastructure. Today, only 2% of Southern Sudanese children are completing primary school, this is largely due to a lack of schools. The Leer Primary School has 2,000 primary level students and 200 secondary students currently sharing only five classrooms. They have to share as there is no Secondary School building in Leer. As a result the majority of classes are being taught outside under trees.


Gua Africa plans to build 5 extra classrooms on the Leer Primary School site to add to the 4 currently in use. This will more than double the indoor teaching space and will dramatically improve the overall study environment for the students.