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Living Free

To provide an advice, drop in centre, and ongoing counselling for those suffering from addictions.

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Due to increasing problems in rural Devon a management group was established for discuss issues of addictions. This included representatives from churches, doctor surgeries, housing drugs and addiction counsellors. A weekly group was established to provided regular training for voluntary supporters of the project. Advertising then brought about an awareness of Living Free. This now has regular attendance from those suffering from addicitons. We would like to provide on going weekly support in the years to come for those suffering from addictions, their families, and other that may also be involved. We do not charge for this service as addicts generally do not have any spare funds. The aim to provide an enviroment in which attendees can be helped, advised and nurtured through a varity of issues. To ensure the existing project is maintained we require £6,400 per annum. Although in the larger scheme of things this is a small amount we are finding it extremely difficult to obtain funds.