Centre for Policy on Ageing

CPA National Library of Ageing

The Centre for Policy on Ageing hosts the unique National Library of Ageing. CPA needs to immediately move to new premises to ensure the continuity of the library and other services such as Ageinfo, the National Database of Ageing Research and New Literature on Old Age.

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It ran from 10:33 AM, 29 June 2011 to 10:33 AM, 29 June 2011

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The unique library and information services are at risk if this move cannot be achieved speedily and with minimum disruption. CPA's services contribute to the wellbeing of older people through the understanding, by government, policy makers, academics, students and health and social care professionals of the needs of this growing sector of the population.


Funds raised for this project will cover the cost of moving and re-establishing the CPA national library of ageing and the associated internet and print based information services in a new location.