Emmaus Salford

Homelessness in Salford

Homelessness is a problem in Salford. We aim to tackle this by opening a home for 25 adults and a shop which will sell recycled furniture. The residents will run the home and shop themselves but we need capital to rent/buy a shop of sufficient size so that we can be self-sustaining within 3 years.

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The problem we are trying to solve is one of homelessness in Salford which has been an issue for many years. It has also been an issue for those from 18-25 and we will be catering for this range also. By providing them with an opportunity for voluntary work and providing them with additional training, we hope to eventually get them to a situation where they regain their self esteem and feel confident enough to live independently again.


We are a new branch of Emmaus just setting out. However Emmaus nationally has a proud history of being able to cope with people who are homeless and with those who have had problems of alcohol and drug dependence. It has been shown by University studies that where there is an Emmaus Community the taxpayer benefits by around £25-30,000 per Companion. We need to rent a larger shop and to purchase a second van in order for the community to be viable and sustainable.