The Worshipful Company of Cordwainers, Minges Gift.

Cordwainers charity bike ride from Cordoba, Spain to London in aid of the Blind.

Four Cordwainers will ride nearly 2000 miles from Cordoba, Spain to London carrying a sample of Cordwain [leather] to raise £30,000 sorely needed to help fit out rooms at the Royal London School for the Blind at Dorton House. The ride departs Cordoba on 19th April 2010.

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It ran from 5:58 PM, 20 April 2010 to 11:35 AM, 23 May 2011

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Starting on 19th of April 2010 and expected to finish on the 7th May in London the ride is aiming to raise funds for the Dorton House School that caters for blind and disabled children. For some 100 years the school has benefited hundreds of children to achieve a level of eduction comparable to those lucky to be fully sighted. More disabled children are now catered for which requires adaption of their rooms to allow access to bathrooms and pulley systems that enable them to move themselves rather than rely on staff. This greatly improves their quality of life. Other funding sources have dried up recently and the Cordwainers hope to provide extra funds on an ongoing basis to the school to adapt rooms to cater for these students. The Cordoba bike ride is but a first event in a series of fund raising activities and we hope to make an anual appeal for this deserving cause. The adaption of a room is very specialised and requires some £30,000 for each one. We wish to raise sufficient funding for several rooms.