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Help the students of tomorrow, today! We invite you to join us in supporting The Chancellor’s Fund to build a giving culture that will support the next generation of students.

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The Chancellor's Fund is designed to provide support for current and future generations of students. Through this fund we aim to support priority programmes such as travel awards, one-off hardship grants and innovative start-up projects. The Fund will help the University build a giving culture amongst the growing number of individuals, alumni, staff, friends and organisations who are clearly proud of the institution and who are alreading playing an active role as ambassadors and donors. <b>The Chancellor’s Fund supports:</b> • New and innovative start-up projects • Student awards and scholarships • Equipment and resources • Training and research needs • Assistance to ameliorate student hardship <b>Matched Funding - making your gift go further</b> The Government Matched Funding scheme provides an opportunity to significantly increase the value of philanthropic donations. Every £1 donated to the University has the capacity to unlock an additional 50 pence. This means that a gift of £1, together with Gift Aid and matching funding increases the value of the donation to £1.92. The matched funding scheme runs until the end of July 2011 and therefore it is vital that we maximise this opportunity now.