A Charity set up by a sufferer for sufferers and their families. A place to come and get support, advice and help from people who know what it is like to live with this condition.

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NEAD Trust is a support system set up to provide mush needed advice and support to sufferers of Non Epileptic Attack Disorder, their families and carers. We offer a secure internet forum, where you can go and speak to other sufferers, their families & Carers and get support and advice from them. Our website offers not only the forum but also downloadable information about the condition, and self help techniques to help you control your seizures better. The site provides you with information about our events, and we also have the UK's only medical advisory panel, where you can ask the specialists about the condition and treatments available to you. We run a monthly support group meeting, this is a chance to come and speak to other sufferers in person. It’s a chance to get advice and support from the people who live with this illness every day. The reason the trust was founded was that there isn’t any information or support available for sufferers of this condition. There is nowhere to turn to for help and advice. You feel like you are all alone, the only one in the world with this illness and this isn’t right. We set up this trust to be that person who will listen to you, will understand what you are going through and will support you every step of the way. The cost of running the Trust isn’t cheap and we need all the financial help we can get. Here is a brief over view of the costs we incur on a yearly basis. Website running costs - £165.00 Support Group meeting costs - £228.00 Insurance costs - £67.00 Accounts and Audits - £150.00 Printing costs for booklets and information sheets etc - £4000.00 Event costs £5000.00 - £8000.00 As you can see we need all the help and support we can get to make sure that the future of the trust is a long one, and that we can go on providing sufferers and their families with a place to go for help as without us there isn’t anywhere for them to go.