Atlantic Rising

Climate change network for secondary schools

How do you get school children interested in climate change? How do you make the science relevant and important to them? This project offers a unique solution to an important problem.

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How can you make school children interested in climate change? How can you make the science relevant and important to them? In September 2009, three of us embarked on a 32000km expedition to answer these questions. We are circumnavigating the Atlantic Ocean overland along the 1 metre contour line (the level to which scientists predict sea levels will rise in the next 100 years) creating a network between schools around the ocean rim and producing educational materials that explore the issues of climate change. The idea behind this network is to enable direct collaboration between schools on environmental projects and encourage friendships between pupils who have very different experiences of climate change. Many students don't care about climate change, because it seems so distant to them. By enabling them to work with students from different parts of the ocean, they can learn how climate change affects places and people differently, and explore the environmental connections that link us all together. We currently have 15000 pupils involved from fourteen countries, stretching from Scotland to Ghana, Brazil to Canada. The Africa leg of our trip is now complete and we are focusing the next eight months on producing unique resources on five topics: Ocean Currents, Food Miles, Deforestation, Climate Change Connections and Sea Level Change. We currently need small amounts of funding to optimise the content of these lessons and materials: Deforestation in the Amazon – £2500. We have the opportunity to work with LBA Santarem, a leading conservation group in Amazonia, to produce unique materials from the heart of the rainforest. To carry out this work, we need to transport ourselves and our vehicle 800 miles upriver by barge and pay for security, lodging and guiding fees. Increasing capacity – £2000. Due to the popularity of the project, we want to overhaul our website to allow greater inter-activity and greater numbers of students to be involved. Educational consultancy – £2500. We are so busy on the road, that we need to employ an educational consultant to format our materials whilst we are still on the expedition. Core expedition costs - £2000 . Brazilian customs have delayed our schedule by one month after they impounded our vehicle. This has eaten a small hole in our budget.