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Families which are shattered by the revelation that a trusted parental figure has been abusing, need particular understanding and support. Circles UK is well placed to understand their needs and to support them through the nightmare if which they too are victims as the abuser by association

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The project is needed to meet the growing problem of families destroyed by revelations of abuse by, often a father / uncle figure and where there is concern for the safety of children remaining inthe home. Statutory services often mistrust, with some good reason at times, the reliability of the 'non-offending partner' to protect the children. The project would provide support through Circles of trained volunteers to meet with such non-offending partners, keep in touch with statutory services and provide extra eyes and support, as they do with Circles working with the sex-offenders themselves. Such familie are alos often alientated in the community by suspicous and hostile neighbours who are fearful. Salary costs for a development worker ( £40k ) travel, training, materials and on-costs an additional £25k x 3 years = £195k