MyHealthnet Youth Health Bus (Mobile service)

A mobile Sexual Health Service for young people 13- 24 years old.

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Around 8 million yearly is spent in managing Sexually transmitted Infections (STIs), and syndromic symptoms of undiagnosed and untreated STIs, HIV/AIDS and maternity and social care and termination of pregnancy. All STIs are preventable through health promotion, education and positive attitude. Left untreated, STIs could negatively impact the lives of people if left untreated; it also has a huge economic impact on tax payers. STIs such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Trichomonasis are preventable and curable. However, HIV/AIDS and Human Papilloma Virus are preventable but not curable with high cost to NHS and society. Sexual assualt is now one of the major issues affecting a small minority of young people with a serious implication for victims becoming perpetrators. We plan to provide Sexual Service - Health Promotion, Advice, Counselling and Screening for STIs including HIV and educating young people on identifying and reporting sexual assualt and supporting pertrators to prevent re occurence. To provide a youth led health education and work experience opportunities. To work in partnership with with local service providers in managing cases. To reduce rates of unintended teenage pregnancy. Our services will include opportunistic STI screening and prevention on the spot at locations including areas around school, bus stops, clubs, and community centres and street corners. We will encourage access to national youth and sexual health services through referrals for treatment and other services aimed at young people. We plan to use the limited resources effectively; the bus will enable us to provide services in many locations with poor service points. We will be working daily, three hours per day over 3 days for 12 weeks over 6 months period. Costing for 3 months Full cost required £5000.00 to be spread to cover the cost of i) Hiring a bright coloured medium size van e.g. Purchasing a refurbished bus or renting a Ford Transit 260SWB LR 2.2TDCi at £500 per month plus VAT = 1762.50 for three months plus insurance. ii) Fuel and maintenance at £200/month for 3 months = £600.00 average iii) Banners -The van will be decorated with public health information banners attracting young people and indicating service and locations of publicity= £250.00 iv) Volunteer staff expenses and other overhead cost such as young people’s refreshment allowance, patient information leaflet and condom supply, administration and insurance at £157.29 per week, 630/month for 3 months = £1887.50. Laboratory test and result text services will be undetaken separately under Chlamydia screening programme. The follow up care including partner notification and support expenses, plus Condom and PIL distribution £500.00 for 3 months but spread over six months.