Bikes for better rural life in Zambia

This project will bring affordable, quality bikes to a rural community giving children better access to an education/school, giving local farming families the means to carry more crops to market, make farm work easier and support livelihoods.

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It ran from 4:40 PM, 12 June 2016 to 4:40 PM, 12 June 2016

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Zambia is one of the poorest countries in the world and 90% of the Luansobe population area are subsistence farmers living in a sandy rural area where the humble bike is of great assistance. Transport and development go hand in hand - a bicycle radically reduces the time spent walking to school, work or gathering firewood or water and is often the only reliable form of transport on rough roads and narrow dusty tracks.


£33 will help Re~Cycle source, collect and provide a quality, unwanted bike from the UK to a farmer, school child or head of household in Luansobe via our project parners Kaloko Trust. In 2014 3.6 million new bikes were sold in the UK…there are many thousands of bikes which go to waste in the UK left in a shed sat unused. The bikes are a hand up not a hand out and will be sold by the Kaloko Trust at modest prices to rural villagers. The bikes sell quickly and there is always demand