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Expansion of the Natural History Museum's Learning Facilties

The Natural History Museum needs a new learning centre to expand its award-winning learning offer.

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The Museum needs a new learning centre to expand its work with schools and other audiences and reach 90,000 school pupils and 108,000 people in family and community groups each year. The centre will consist of: two flexible learning spaces: enabling a range of learning activities a show space: featuring participative and immersive shows for up to 100 people. a learning lab: allowing structured investigations an enhanced school reception area: enabling the Museum to increase the number of school visits e-learning facilities: taking learning into the school classroom and beyond The Learning Centre will be the physical representation of the excellence of the Museum’s learning offer. It will deliver a step change in our ability to personalise science learning. Visitors will learn in stunning, inspiring and welcoming spaces; doing science and engaging with the natural world through enjoyable, innovative and engaging activities. They will inspire the next generation of scientists, facilitate the visitor journey through the Museum and radically change perceptions of learning at the Museum. The learning activities will be visible and celebrated as the Learning Centre reemphasizes the place of learning at the heart of the Museum’s mission and brand. E-learning opportunities will enable visitors to connect the galleries, the Learning Centre and the classroom or home in a unique and groundbreaking learning experience.