The Natural History Museum

Central Hall - renovating one of the UK's most iconic spaces

The Central Hall of the Museum’s Grade 1 listed Waterhouse building is a magnificent display of architectural virtuosity and serves a practical function as the physical and intellectual orientation space for up to 20,000 visitors who pass through each day. The Hall is already a beautiful and iconic space, but work is needed to update the displays.

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Renovation to the hall will include improvements to the Ground Floor ‘Wonder Bays’, allowing us to display our star specimens - both familiar and unfamiliar -in stunning cases. Specimens will be chosen to demonstrate great visual variety, showcasing the wide ranging work of the Museum, and a variety of scientific themes. We will also re-house some of our most spectacular and valuable specimens in a new ‘Treasure House’, positioned at the top of the central staircase. Finally, we will renovate the balconies on the first floor, providing thematic continuity with the ground floor, and re-establishing the beautiful architectural balance of the whole hall.