Building Understanding through International Links for Development

Building School Links for Development

Every school in the UK should have a partner school in Africa so that young people understand the global context in which they are living and can communicate with children from other cultures and faiths and become active global citizens.

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Many of the problems facing the world are global problems e.g. economic recession, HIV/AIDS, climate change, conflict. It is crucial that our young people are educated to understand that global context and the causes and effects of some of these issues. One way of achieving this is through direct partnerships for learning, including exchange visits and joint curriculum work between teachers and young people in schools across the world. We are working with the UK Government (through an all-party parliamntary group) with the Church of England and Commonwealth Organisations to promote and support these partnerships. Already 1800 primary and secondary schools in Uk have partners in Africa. We wish to work with the 44 dioceses in England to encourage them to create partnerships between the Church of England schools in their dioceses and schools in their partner dioceses in Africa and Asia. We require £250,000 over three years to bring the dioceses together with their boards of education to plan strategically how these school partnerships might develop.