The National Domestic Violence Helpline

A 1/4 of women experience domestic abuse at some stage in their lives. For women living in fear and isolation, calling the National Domestic Violence Helpline is their first step in accessing support to escape abuse. The Helpline is a 24hr service providing practical information, & emotional support

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Domestic abuse affects 1in4 women and claims the lives of 2 women per week in England and Wales. As well as harming the person being abused it can also impact on the physical and emotional health of their children. Leaving an abusive relationship can be very difficult, and may lead to an escalation of abuse. It is therefore vital that victims of domestic abuse can access support whenever they need it. However they often become cut off from friends, family and the community due to their abuser’


The Helpline provides a lifeline for women and children in crisis; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Helpline provides free and confidential information and support to enable women experiencing domestic violence to take action to keep themselves and their children safe. It also offers emotional support to empower women to take steps to break free from abuse, and provides a referral service to a nationwide network of face-to-face support services and safe emergency accommodation.