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Golden Acre reborn

Our original holiday home Golden Acre, purchased in 1963 is badly in need of modernisation and repair. Our aim is to provide a totally refurbished property offering 14 bed spaces for use by the summer of 2010.

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Through the extensive uninterupted use of Golden Acre, (our original holiday home since 1963) we are no longer able to 'patch up' the property and a total refurbishment is required. There are currently 11 bedspaces within the property this is to be increased to 14 upon completion. The electrical wiring, water system and windows are no longer safe or satisfactory and the property has been withdrawn from service until we are able to undertake the total refurbishment. It is our desire to increase the number of bedspaces provided at our homes from 42 (including Golden Acre) to 45 upon completion. We have extensive waiting list throughout all school holiday periods, completion of this project will enable us to better fulfil our objectives. The total project cost is £94,000 this includes the construction of a block paved BBQ area in the adjacent property (£11,000). There will be an additional furnishing cost of approx £6,000 (replacing those items which have reached or surpassed their normal lifespan).