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Child Therapy Service

To work children of all ages who are affected by the cancer of a loved one. Through age appropriate play activities our therapist helps the children to understand and express their emotions. The therapist also works with parents to help improve communication in the home following a cancer diagnosis

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Children affected by cancer of family or friends often have muddled emotions around the cancer and related events that they are unable to express. Often it's hard to find child appropriate ways to explain to children what is going on and often communication within the home is strained through fear of how to discuss certain issues


Our Child therapists will help children from age 2-teenagers to understand events and their feelings by using age appropriate activities - drawing, role playing, dolls/ puppets memory books and letters. They are able to help providing answers to difficult questions relating to the cancer and possible outcomes in a non threatening way. The therapist also can work with family members to help them be able to communicate better in the home so issues don't fester or escalate