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Coventry University wishes to encourage wide participation in all of its undergraduate courses; however for many young people taking up a university degree is a worrying period, because of the financial strain placed on them.

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Regrettably for some individuals, budgeting pressures can lead to them dropping out from their course within the first year of study. The University, therefore, intends to make every effort to support young people, especially from poorer backgrounds, through the awarding of non-repayable bursaries each year. These bursaries would cover costs such as books, equipment, travel, study aids, childcare or other course related expenditure. In addition to the payment of bursaries, the University is also keen to reward excellence by acknowledging those students who show enormous potential, through a scholarship system. A scholarship is a financial reward to students, who have achieved academically, in a nominated performance area or in relation to specific new courses. Scholarships can be for up to £2,000 per year, which means that students could receive up to £6,000 on a three-year course. In 2010, the following scholarships will be available to full-time undergraduate students: Achievement Scholarship (for those achieving marks above 70% in their first year) Sports Scholarship (for those demonstrating considerable sporting prowess) Enterprise Scholarship (for those with existing flair for innovation and enterprise) Creative Scholarship (for those with an artistic talent) Academic Scholarship (for those who have gained at least 320 UCAS tariff points) STEM Scholarship (for those who have gained at least 320 UCAS tariff points and show the potential to become scientists and engineers)