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Automatic Fire Alarm System

To purchase and install a new automated fire alarm system to replace the manual bell type currently used.

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We have recently self financed and built our own scout hall. Unfortunately the current fire alarm system consisting of a crank handle and bell is unsuitable as there are rooms on 2 levels and this system requires the user to be able to get to the main entrance to raise the alarm.This puts the user's life in danger and also endangers the other hall users as the alarm can only be raised if someone can reach the alarm. With a new automated alarm system each room and corridor will have it's own sensor and fire alarm trigger allowing the alarm to be raised either automatically when a fire is sensed or by anyone in any part of the building. This allows us to fully evacuate the hall and still raise the alarm in the event of a fire. The approximate cost of an automated fire alarm system is £3000 which we are hoping to raise through fundraising donations as the monthly 'subs' the scouts pay only cover the running costs of the hall and not the upgrades required.