Izzy's Promise

Practical support for sexually exploited and trafficked young people

To recruit a Support Worker for to develop a support service for men and women asylum seekers, refugees and trafficked young persons aged between 9years to 25 years who have been trafficked to the UK for exploitation. Due to the trauma they have encountered in the process of being trafficked, the support worker will develop a service for such abuse survivors.

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It ran from 1:53 AM, 20 May 2010 to 8:48 AM, 25 June 2014

Registered Charity in Scotland (SC033706)

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We will use the funds to recruit a support worker for three years to organise and coordinate training workshops and therapies for ritual abuse survivors who have escaped or are currently living with abuse develop a support service for young persons who have been trafficked to the UK for exploitation. The support worker will set up a support service for young people aged 11-25 years who have been trafficked to the UK by use of rituals such as juju and voodoo and deception for purposes of prostitution, exploitation and abuse purposes aimed at relieving their mental, physical and emotional suffering they have encountered. We will recruit an Anti-Trafficking Support Worker for 3 years to develop and expand a specialised support service for trafficked young persons who have suffered from organised/ritual abuse. We will offer private and confidential support services by use of telephone, email and drop in sessions for trafficked and exploited young boys and girls and the agencies that support them such as local authorities, refugee councils, ethnic minority law centres and legal support agencies. Traffickers often make children believe that they owe them money or payment through other means. As a result, the child or young person may be injured, confused or traumatised. Invariably they are silenced by this abuse: through fear of repercussions for themselves, friends or family; through manipulation; or because the information is too painful to disclose. The child may have blocked out details as a means of coping. Breaking this silence can often only happen with time: through building a relationship of trust, engaging with the child and using language that they can understand and to which they can relate. We will recruit and train volunteers to deliver support services to such abuse survivors. We will enhance their confidence by: Having a drop in session for such survivors to access one to one support services with our Anti-trafficking support worker. We will organise visits to BME community groups in Scotland to offer personalised support and information to young people who have been trafficked. We will organise and deliver trainings, consultancy services and awareness sessions to support agencies on the best ways of dealing with young persons who have been trafficked by use of rituals/deception for exploitation. We will continue working with anti-trafficking and legal support agencies currently referring clients to us for support and expand our services to other agencies. The project will target 100 ritual abuse survivors mostly women from different parts of UK whom we are currently supporting in one way or the other. Most of them have asked for practical support through workshops and therapies. At least 100 charitable organisations and government agencies working with ritual abuse survivors will be involved in this project. The other category of beneficiaries will be at least 60 volunteers who will be recruited from the community and trained in supporting ritual abuse survivors skills they may use later on to secure jobs or go for further studies. Budget: £116,000 for the salary for the support worker and other running costs.