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Gypsy and Traveller Bridge

We want Gypsy and Traveller communities to be empowered to stay healthy and well and live independently; we want to tackle inequalities in health experienced across genders and ages that these ‘seldom seen, seldom heard’ communities encounter often on a daily basis. “We don’t have no body to help us on here, we do need someone to give us advice and stuff” comment from a member of the Gypsy and Traveller communty.

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  • Arts/Culture/HeritageArts/Culture/Heritage
  • Community Support & DevelopmentCommunity Support & Development
  • Health/WellbeingHealth/Wellbeing
  • Human Rights/AdvocacyHuman Rights/Advocacy


  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
  • Older PeopleOlder People
  • Women & GirlsWomen & Girls
  • Young People (18-30)Young People (18-30)
  • OtherOther



This project will work with members of the Gypsy and Traveller communities to: 1. Create training packages to deliver to NHS / social care front line staff, providing necessary knowledge and cultural awareness to support delivery of accessible services, removing barriers; 2. Address personal beliefs, perceptions and cultural issues preventing access to and use of health / care services; 3. Provide support to access to NHS, care services and uptake of health initiatives e.g. anti / post natal services, CVD screening, long-term conditions - without equity their health status is likely to remain poor; 4. Provide community-based life style change initiatives. 5. Provide myth busting events - bridging the gap between members of all settled and gypsy and traveller communities Finance: Project Workers - Project Coordinator and Outreach Worker - £40K Support Costs - £8K Community Events- £5K