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Supporting Independence and Social Inclusion

We aim to provide Independent Living workshops for people who have suffered a brain injury. The modules support wellbeing, personal safety, improved communication skills, improved nutritional health and financial awareness. This programme will also address issues related to social inclusion

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Brain Injury is often described as a “hidden” disability as it leaves people with damage that cannot be seen, but has a tremendous impact on the individual’s ability to reintegrate into community life. Many brain-injured people are left with personality changes, slowed responses, a lack of insight into their own limitations, poor communication skills, and memory difficulties.Recovery from brain injury can be a very slow process; we work with each individual towards realistic, achievable goals


The project will assist service users in learning new skills and relearning skills lost as part of the brain injury; attendees on this programme will improve communication, independence, health and wellbeing and build confidence and self esteem. Service Users will have a more level platform in the community. The programme will also benefit family members and carers as the Service User learns to become more independent and gains in confidence.