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Ability First

We at Dukes Barn believe that everyone deserves a chance to experience great outdoor adventure activities. Our Morris Bursary Fund ensures that no-one is excluded on the grounds of cost, particularly those with specific needs such as Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, Downs Syndrome, children with hearing or sight impairment and those with physical disabilities, including wheelchair users, who are already at risk of exclusion.

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Over the years we have worked hard to improve our facilities and equipment to accommodate young people with multiple disabilities. It is our aim to make sure that every young person suceeds, whatever their ability, by providing activities appropriate for them. We encourage all young people, be they able bodied or physically, emotionally or socially disadvantaged, to achieve and shine, to enable them to reach their full potential and to move forward with confidence to face the challenges of everyday life. Because of the nature of our work and the high staff to pupil ratio needed on the programmes, courses cost us more to run for disabled beneficiaries. Our Morris Bursary Fund enables us to subsidise those costs so that those most in need of the programmes we offer are not excluded on financial grounds. All donations, however small, make a big difference and every penny goes to those who might otherwise not have a chance to enjoy the type of sporting activities the rest of us take for granted.