Rehabilitation following Floods in Pannur, INDIA

Emergency help is needed please to assist these people who had so little and lost all in the recent devastating floods in Pannur, a small village in Karnataka, India At the moment most of these families who lost their homes are sleeping with their children on the road, in a four foot high tent made of loose gunny bags. Everything is needed including clean drinking water. People in their thirst drink anything that is available and pay for it with sickness. They need everything but most urgently they need homes as winter approaches. Fr Maxim and his team at Pannur Jesuit Mission, India This appeal is urgent. We need to send a lot of money to help as many as possible of these desperate families and as soon as possible please. Donate Now through our web site www.spicma.org via Charity Choice, a secure web site managed by the Co-op Latest News from Manvi & Pannur, India including Photographs on Web Site SPICMA, P.O.Box 176, Clitheroe, BB7 0DS E-Mail: spicma@btconnect.com Charity Registration No 270794. Established in 1967 Patrons: Bishop Thomas McMahon, Sir Hugh Rossi

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What are the concrete plans for building the houses? New land has been purchased so that the villages can be relocated to new sites on higher ground where they will not be vulnerable to flooding. Local people are anxious to participate in the process of rebuilding their village, and therefore house building will be a communal activity undertaken by the village community. Each house will have a veranda, a bedroom, a kitchen, a hall and a bathroom and toilet. The housing site will be 50 x 54 feet, and the built up area of the house itself will be 420 sq ft. Our hope is that out of this devastation will come the opportunity to build better homes and lives for the people here. Each house will cost £3,000 to build. How can I help? There are three ways that you can help. Option 1 Buy and name a house. The donor or donors can choose some words to be displayed on a plaque on the wall of the house. Option 2 Buy a small, brass plaque for £250. A message of your choice could be displayed on the plaque, for example a few lines in memory of a loved one. Option 3 Help us build the houses brick by brick, each brick will cost 10p. All donations will be gratefully received. SPICMA is run by Volunteers. This enables us to send All donations to the Project with out any deductions