Great Berry Primary School PTA

Early Years Development Project

To develop the outside area of Great Berry Primary school used by the Early years students, to provide an extension of the classroom and to develop and encourage outdoor learning & play.

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The Early Years staff have researched the facilities offered by other primary schools in the area and it is clear that Great Berry is greatly lacking in facilities and equipment for the younger children in their outside area. The school has raised funds to cover the cost of a canopy which will make part of the playground an all weather area, and also to cover the cost of replacing the flooring in the playground with a safe soft surface. Planning permission for the canopy and flooring has already been sought and confirmed, the plan will be put into operation during the summer holidays this year, in order that the children can return in September and use the new and improved facilities. Canopy & flooring costs approx £40,000 Equipment including climbing frame, sand pits, mini beast motel, storytellers chair and wooden stools, cubby house and shed for storage. £10,000