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Many servicemen and servicewomen have been injured in Afghanistan. The most seriously injured spend long periods as in-patients at DMRC Headley Court, the main tri-service rehabilitation facility in Headley, near Epsom. STUBS (as in "ticket STUBS") supports them at this critical time by hosting them at major sporting events.

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STUBS aims to help those who have been seriously injured to regain their confidence and self-respect following an often life-changing injury. Our objective is to ensure that every Headley Court in-patient has the opportunity to attend one or more STUBS events. Its an opportunity to break out from the confines of the rehabilitation unit, and to overcome some of the mental and physical hurdles that hinder a return to normal life. Our activity is fully supported by DMRC Headley Court, but gets no funding from Help For Heroes, who concentrate on other long-term goals. Please help us to support an injured soldier during rehabilitation. All funds raised go to support our work; our administratiive costs are met by a sponsor. We need to raise a minimum of £32,000 per annum to support our work. As the number of patients increases, we will need to raise an even greater amount to ensure that each patient gets the opportunitity to attend STUBS events. A detailed brochure describing who we are and what we do, including medical opinion and patient feedback, is available upon request.