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Vocational Inclusion Programme (VIP)

The programme is to improve the life chances and skills of approximately 180 disadvantaged and/or disaffected 14-16 year olds - many of whom are school refusers. Ultimately, the aim is to ensure a positive destination at 16+ and steer young people away from the benefits culture that exists in some neighbourhoods.

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  • Community Support & DevelopmentCommunity Support & Development
  • Education/Training/EmploymentEducation/Training/Employment


  • Young People (18-30)Young People (18-30)



Young people can be referred to the VIP Programme by schools, Pupil Referral Units, Youth Offending Teams or other agencies. These are young people who, for whatever reason, do not respond positively to secondary school provision. Each young person has a tailor made progamme - involving at least one day per week work placement on employer's premises, one day per week training and additional work related learning activities. All young people are supported and mentored by a Key Worker, whose aim is to raise aspirations, self-esteem, confidence - and encourage them to want to succeed. The overall end goal is that at least 95% will progress to employment and/or further education at 16. Financial breakdown (1 year) - part project costs Staff costs £75,000 Consumables & Office costs £2,000