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Renovation of the Special Care Baby Unit

The Special Care Baby Unit at the Ola During Children's Hospital needs renovation, to complement ongoing improvements to clinical care there.

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Welbodi Partnership has arranged training for all the Special Care Baby Unit nurses, in order to improve clinical care there. We are fortunate that a senior neonatal nurse has started to volunteer regularly for Welbodi Partnership at the Special Care Baby Unit, providing daily mentorship and training. Both are encouraging developments, but there is also a need for some basic equipment and improvements to deliver better quality care. This proposal is based on consultation with doctors and nurses at the Special Care Baby Unit. The end goal of this project is simply to have a functional, safe and comfortable clinic for the most at-risk babies, and improve survival rates for our most vulnerable patients. Tragically, up to one in three of the unwell newborns admitted to the unit in 2009 did not survive. The biggest neonatal risks in the hospital are infection, birth asphyxia and prematurity. These improvements will enable us to identify and treat all three better. Financial breakdown is as follows: Top three priorities: Suction machine £600 Neonatal pulse oximeter £450 Baby changing unit plus table £250 Subtotal £1,300 Other essential items include neonatal cuffs for blood pressure and nasal prongs, breast pumps and feeding chairs, and bedding, mattresses and curtains. We estimate the total for these items will be £700