Nottingham Arimathea Trust

Housing destitute asylum seekers and refugees

We are one of the only charities in the UK which house failed asylum seekers and destitute refugees. Our idea is to build upon our network of properties and use the money to house more refugees and maintain the accommodation to a great standard. This will also tackle the issue of homelessness.

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Registered Charity in England and Wales (1121297)








As it stands for every room that becomes available, we have around 40 refugees/asylum seekers on the waiting list for that space. We are therefore trying to stop asylum seekers becoming homeless - which is a growing problem. Once they have been housed they are in a better place to re-engage with solicitors. Those who have recently become refugees lose their home office accommodation so we also want to help them into suitable housing so they don't end up on the streets.


We are aiming to acquire a couple of new shared houses which we will furnish and decorate to give shelter to refugees/asylum seekers. It will have an immediate impact in giving an asylum seekers & refugee on our waiting list a roof over their head. It will also help ease the waiting list for council housing as we will be able to help some refugees into shared accommodation. In the long term ending destitution and homelessness will encourage more integration among refugees and asylum seekers.