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Extension project at Shaldon Wildlife Trust

We have acquired a lease on an adjoining piece of land and our project is to provide an extension which includes new and enlarged enclosures for some of our animals and total wheelchair access to the whole new area. It will also allow us to provide an educational facility, a rest area for our volunteers and a veterinary examination room.

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With just three employees, Shaldon Wildlife Trust relies on a team of over 40 volunteers for all aspects of the running of the Trust. These volunteers are made up of all ages and abilities including many with disabilities. We also have a variety of volunteers with varying mental health issues who use the Trust to regain their confidence and hopefully get back into the workplace. The training that we provide for such a wide range of people is rare in many organisations. Our zoo is however, sited on a steep slope with many steps and is therefore inaccessible to those with mobility problems. This extension will make us wheelchair accessible for the first time. The education facility will ensure that all our visitors, including the young, will have access to a valuable learning resource. Extensive changes are also being made to the front of the Trust to make it wheelchair accessible. Total wheelchair access will mean that those with impaired mobility will not only be able to visit the Trust and learn from the educational resource available but they will also have the opportunity to volunteer. As well as conserving species from other countries, we are dedicated to protecting our native wildlife through the creation of a butterfly garden and flower meadow and erection of bat and bird boxes. We have already planted a perimeter hedge of 120 native trees and shrubs which will provide food and shelter for wildlife. Our extension will also include a wildlife pond and native species planting. The extension will cost in total £153,000. We have been fortunate enough to receive legacies and funding totalling £120,000 which will go towards the extension and hope we can secure funding for the remaining £30,000. We are a non profit making charity and receive no government or statutory funding.