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To build a new animal rescue and rehoming centre in Aberdeen, which will provide a safe haven for hundreds of the areas abandoned, neglected or injured animals. The Scottish SPCA is Scotland's animal welfare charity. We work across Scotland rescuing and rehoming Scotland's injured, abandoned and defenceless animals. We have 10 animal rescue and rehoming centres in Scotland and a Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fife. Our Wildlife Rescue Centre is currently the only centre in Scotland that has oiled-bird cleaning facilities.

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We are currently expanding our frontline services to deal with the increase in calls to our animal helpline and animals in our care. We have now received planning permission to build a new animal rescue and rehoming centre in Aberdeen. It is essential that animals are taken as quickly as possible to a rescue and rehoming centre once rescued. As there is no centre currently in the Aberdeen area animals have to travel to Dundee or Inverness and occassionally we have to pay for private kennelling, stabling and catteries in the Aberdeenshire area. Our new centre will lessen the time animals spend travelling, reducing their stress and suffering significantly. The new centre will care for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, small animals, reptiles, birds, horses and farm animals. There will be grazng, a dog exercise area, a mother and puppy unit, vet treatment rooms and a classroom. The approximate costs to build and equip each area are outlined below: Kennels - £500,000 Cattery - £250,000 Stables - £250,000 Mother & puppy unit - £100,000 Small animal room - £150,000 Reptile room - £150,000 Veterinary rooms - £150,000 Dog exercise area - £50,000 Education room - £100,000 In 2009 the Scottish SPCA received more than 140,000 calls to our animal helpline, our Inspectors attended over 42,500 incidents and we cared for more than 14,000 animals. We also lodged 197 criminal cases with the Procurator Fiscal.