Aurora Health Foundation

Therapy for adult survivors of childhood abuse

The therapy services at Aurora aims to help survivors recover from the consequences of their childhood abuse. Services include talking therapies (i.e. counselling and support groups) and complementary therapies (i.e. massage, reflexology, healing etc).

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The effects of childhood sexual abuse can be devastating and can affect every area of a survivor's life. Many survivors struggle to cope with close intimate relationships and many experience psychological, emotional and social difficulties that impinge on their capacity to lead a fulfilling life. Many people who experience childhood sexual abuse see themselves as "victims" of that abuse, and the challenge is for us to help "victims" become "survivors" and to recover from their experiences.


Aurora uses its own unique and specialised approach - the Aurora Approach – for delivering its services. We provide a therapeutic community style of caring that we feel helps healing for survivors of abuse. The type and range of therapies available, the staff, the environment and the way services are delivered are all seen as essential for helping clients on their individual healing journey.