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Building Bridges

The aim of the project is to recruit 25 young people with or without a disability on the theme of ‘Bridge Building’ using a range of art forms to be able to deliver this.

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We would like to introduce a new programme called ‘Bridge Building’ inviting young people from North and West Belfast, Co Antrim, N Ireland to participate in an arts programme which will involve:- 1. Creative writing – providing everyone with an opportunity to share and discuss their experiences of the area they live in. The individuals can write about their experiences through poetry and a short story and share these with the group which will be compiled into a booklet 2. Digital Photography – learning about digital imaging to record the image as a set of electronic data rather than as chemical changes on filming. The young people will be able to take photographs of the history within the area, which includes the replacement of new murals, the existing emblems and flags etc . 3. Restoration of old photographs – allowing the individuals to restore, enhance and enlarge old photographs with the use of a high tech photocopier. These photographs will be laminated onto canvas, board or board foam to be exhibited at the centre for the local community to see. This project will operate for 30 weeks two hours per week held at Artability premises with Professional Artists. We would like to provide an opportunity to young people with and without a disability from this disadvantaged area to come together and participate in these three mediums. All work will be exhibited in our premises and we will be inviting the local community to an official opening and have an exhibition of all the work produced and the booklet. A project like this is needed because:- 1. Art is a medium that interests young people from all backgrounds. Young people attending the centre has expressed an interest in creative writing and photography 2. West Belfast has a long history of chronic unemployment and social deprivation 3. Artability NI Limited is situated in the Crumlin ward. As indicated by Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency it is the most deprived ward in Northern Ireland, Multiple Deprivation Measure is ranked 4 our of 582 wards. On the income domain, Crumlin Award is ranked 15, while on the employment domain it is ranked two 4. 110,000 people live in West Belfast. According to the Ward that the centre is situated the resident population of Crumlin Ward was 4375 on census day. From this 41.7% of people has a limiting long-term illness, health problem or disability 5. Crime is very high 429 offences recorded in Crumlin ward in 2007/08, which included burglary, theft, criminal damage and violent crimes. We would like to provide these young people with an opportunity empowering them and providing them with self worth 6. West Belfast suffered high levels of death, injury, intimidation and inter community violence during the Troubles. 623 of the 3524 people killed in the conflict between 1969 and 2001 were from West Belfast. The area had the highest number of deaths and the highest intensity of violence in Northern Ireland during the Troubles 7. The experience of violence and trauma has a continuing impact on the lives of many people in West Belfast. Research has found that people living in high intensity of violence areas report more symptoms of physical illness than those living in low violence areas 8. There are high level of sectarian segregation and ongoing tensions and violence at interfaces in West Belfast. In spite of recent political progress, there remain deep divisions between the people of the Falls and Shankill areas. 9. There are high levels of mental illness and disability as a legacy of the troubles and of the more recent paramilitary feuds This project will provide a range of artistic and life skills to those who are disadvantaged from the Shankill area, providing them with self confidence and self esteem and a better quality of life. The objective of the project is to empower the young people, educate people about social inclusion and provide them with interests that they enjoy. Professional Artists £70 per workshop x 30 weeks 2,100 Assistant @£16 per workshop x 30 weeks 480 Arts materials @£30 per workshop x 30 weeks 900 Running costs @£40 per workshop x 30 weeks 1,200 Booklet costs 600 Exhibition costs 500 Marketing 200 Total cost of Project £5,980