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Empowering Children and Young People

We aim to provide children and young people with a positive outlook towards their future away from their aimless lifestyle on the “street” where they are at risk of being drawn into gun, gang and knife crimes, and other antisocial behaviour. We also run awareness seminars, workshops and other support programmes for people suffering from HIV/AIDS.

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What the Project will do; The project will deliver a range of learning and after-school activities for children and young people, including the following; Cultural, drama and dance activities training Assistance with home work Workshops/seminars on confidence building and the problems of becoming parents at too early an age, the danger of the “street lifestyle” and how it can impact adversely on their future. Assistance with writing CV and the completion of job applications The project will be delivered by qualified tutors/trainers, all of whom will be selected against carefully prepared job description and personal specification. The Need for our Work: The Borough of Southwark is one of the most socially deprived area in the Country, with knife, gun and gang related crimes at near endemic proportion. Low academic achievement, a high number of school expulsion and exclusion and teenage pregnancies are all factors that have contributed to the low ranking of the borough. The percentage of children and young people from the West African community in Southwark is about 38% of the population, most of whom are living in single parent household with a high dependency on welfare benefits and housing benefits. Project Outcomes The intended outcomes of this programme are; a. About 25 young people would have achieved academic results above the national average, in particular Key stage 2, GCE’s and A Levels results. b. 35 young people would have re-establish their self esteem, regain the confidence and adopt a more positive outlook towards their future. c. 20 young people would have develop a greater appreciation of education and are lookig forward to go on to universerties and further training. d. 20 young people will be in gainful employment e. There will be a reduction in street crimes involving our targeted children and young people f. There will be a reduction in sexual transmitted diseases among other targeted group at the end of the five years Beneficiaries of the Project The direct beneficiaries of the project will be children and young people, typically aged 6 to 18 years of age. We expect to attract between 35 and 45 children and young people to the project which will run for a period of 45 weeks. Other stakeholders will also benefit indirectly from the project, i.e. Parents – the parents of the children and young people will benefit from the project by knowing that their children are safe, not loitering on the street and are likely to achieve their full potential, instead of constantly worrying about them being the victims or perpetrators of crimes. The Council – the Council have an interest in keeping down the level of anti-social behaviour in the borough, in reducing the number of exclusion and expulsion from school and in improving the level of academic achievement. To this extent the succes of the project will contribute towards their goals and objectives The Police/Community - crime is of course a major concern of the police and the community and a large amount of crimes, in particular gun and knife crimes, are carried out by children and young people. The children and young people attending the project will be less likely to be involved in anti-social behaviour and consequently both the police and the community will be net beneficiaries. Budget Breakdown for Year 1 Revenue Items Amount (£) Coordinator salary 15,000.00 3 X Subjects Tutors 15,600.00 Speakers’ fees 500.00 Insurance 300.00 Refreshment (tea, coffee, drinks etc) 1,200.00 Hiring of Hall (£50*45 weeks) 2,2500.00 3 X Drama & Cultural Dance Tutors 4,500.00 3 X Volunteers allowances 600.00 Publicity (leaflets, posters,) 1,200.00 Laptop 529.97 Epson EMP –S52 Multimedia Projector 399.50 Project screen 411.25 Costumes & Culture Drums set 2,000.00 Projector screen bag 52.87 PA system 350.00 Sony digital camera 139.89 Canon DVD camcorder 199.89 Laptop bag 20.52 Study materials 1,000.00 Total £43,714.00