Broadening openDemocracy's volunteer base, allowing us to further expand our operations in some exciting and innovative ways.

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Interested and globally aware people the world over are looking for new and creative ways in which they can help shape their world openDemocracy is a non-for-profit volunteer driven organization which aims to use “new media” as a publishing and organizing tool in order to encourage the advancement of civic education; particularly an advanced understanding of equality issues, democracy, global processes and participation. We do this by providing a web based open source model for news analysis and opinion. In particular openDemocracy recognizes the importance of volunteering and actively uses an open model in its production to bring in volunteers and allow them to participate according to their skills and availability. This networked process brings in new ideas and energy to our publishing network, as well as providing skills and contacts to those who volunteer. We have between 10 to 20 volunteers working at openDemocracy at any one time, and each year we try to expand this number. Our interns are given the opportunity to work in publishing, production, research as well as at editorial levels. Here is what some of our past volunteers have said about their experience at openDemocracy: “oD [openDemocracy] is a truly collaborative effort and while working as an intern any ideas I had, even ones which were outside the remit of my role, were given such consideration that I really did feel part of the team. The production process is transparent and work is completed with regards to the ethos of oD, but moreover, with kind support, creativity and intelligent criticism. An important note for any prospective intern is the fact that my experience with oD was an important contributory factor in securing employment in web publishing with an international organisation.” – Jonathan Perfect “I've certainly learned a lot while interning [at openDemocracy], both in technical and in social, political, and economic terms! That's been the great thing about working for oD - I get to indulge my geeky techie side while dealing with thought- and action-provoking content. It really has been a great thing to be involved with, and I hope that I'll be able to offer further help in the future.” – Kadie Armstrong Right now openDemocracy is preparing to expand operations to reach more people whose voices are often left out of today’s important global discussions in some exciting and innovative new ways. But in order for this to happen we have to further develop and expand our volunteer staff. BUDGET ITEM COST NOTE Management £10,000 A part-time person to oversee our volunteer base (annual)