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Art discussion groups based on Art in Healthcare’s collection displayed in healthcare locations across Scotland. We provide a unique and affordable art rental service to the Scottish healthcare sector and we believe that many of the people who view our works would like to know more about them.

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We own an excellent collection of Scottish modern and contemporary art. It has been created with the needs of healthcare in mind and is seen by thousands of people every year, in hospital wards, GP surgeries or waiting rooms. We want to develop a programme that will enable the people who see our works every day to engage with them and feel confident about discussing them. We will train volunteers to offer “gallery tours” in locations across Scotland, leading discussion of our works and encouraging participants to develop the confidence and vocabulary to talk about visual arts. Patients, staff and visitors will be invited to take part in the tours. This would benefit Art in Healthcare because people would engage with our collection in a way that is not possible at the moment. It would lead to a greater understanding of our work and, we hope, increase the demand for our services. This would, in turn, strengthen our organisation. Staff costs (2 days a week for a year) £10,000 Running costs (including travel) £5,000