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Space in the Classroom

Supporting teachers to provide exciting lessons based on space, making science, technology, engineering and maths alive and exciting, not just dry and academic, improving students’ motivation and enjoyment, and increasing their opportunities to go into science, maths and technology careers.

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All pupils now study science within the National Curriculum, but far too few go on to A levels, degrees and careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM subjects). We need STEM graduates and career entrants for UK competitiveness, innovation and living standards. Secondary schools find it difficult to recruit and retain STEM subject teachers. Much of the problem has been shown to lie in the content and structure of lesson resources, which is what Spacelink addresses.


Spacelink will work directly with teachers to provide active support in schools, with members of our teams providing exciting Curriculum Space Days in schools. We will help teachers to use our Curriculum Learning Resources, Fact Sheets, and a dedicated area for teachers on our inspiring website. The project will help teachers to enthuse students, motivating them to use the direct access information, activities and links on our website, and encouraging them to progress into STEM careers.