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Drop In and Outreach Service

Our Drop In and Outeach Service is the only holistic service in the district providing practical and emotional support to help those who are homeless or vulnerably housed in the city of Winchester who may be experiencing a range of problems such as mental health and substance addiction.

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It ran from 12:00 AM, 1 July 2012 to 12:00 AM, 1 April 2013

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Hampshire is often perceived as wealthy with few social and economic problems - however poverty and disadvantage are often concealed by the close proximity of wealth. Winchester has a significant homelessness issue which seems to be worsening: our statistics for 2010/11 indicate a staggering 53% increase in new people accessing our services. Our data indicates that this is more than just a ‘blip’ and that the number of people experiencing homelessness and its effects is increasing.


Our Drop In and Outreach Service is available for 50 weeks of the year and supports vulnerable adults who may be rough sleepers, ‘sofa surfers’ or in temporary accommodation such as hostels or bed and breakfasts. It offers nutritious, hot breakfasts and lunches, bathing and laundry facilities; free second-hand clothing; health services including access to a GP, nurse and psychiatric nurse; advocacy and referral services on key issues such as housing, benefits and substance misuse.