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Seeds of Hope

Boxes of good quality seeds will be given to families in Eastern Europe. Many families have some land but cannot afford to ultilise it. This project enables them to grow their own food. This saves money on food bills, improves the family's diet and may even earn them a little extra money.

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Families in Eastern Europe suffer poverty and malnutrition as a result of a lack of jobs. Food increases in price in the winter months, and many cannot afford to give their children food, let alone a balanced and nutritious diet. Any seeds they can afford will usually be low quality, and will produce fewer plant and a lower yield crop.


By providing the families with good quality seeds we help them to: a) grow their own food b) ensure their time and effort pays off with a high yield crop c) improve their nutrition and health d) save money which can then be spent on things like school supplies (meaning that the children can get an education).