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Urgent Appeal - 15 Abandoned Babies

A nearby facility to Beautiful Gate’s centre was recently closed down by Social Welfare because they have been struggling for some time to give good care to 15 babies under 2 years. They have asked Beautiful Gate to urgently provide a home for the babies at their facility until a longer term solution can be found.

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It ran from 8:21 PM, 3 August 2009 to 10:33 PM, 25 October 2009

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At this stage 8 babies have been immediately placed with Beautiful Gate, one baby sadly died on route and the other 6 are currently very sick and in hospital but are also likely to be placed with Beautiful Gate. This urgent situation has the staff at Beautiful Gate running around ensuring they have the bed space and staff to care for these extra children. They already have 41 children at the centre (all except one under 5 years old) which is the most they have had at any time in their history. Whilst their resources are being pushed to the limit, they cannot turn these children away, especially as it is currently mid winter in Lesotho and being at very high altitude, temperatures are reaching below freezing. Beautiful Gate needs to raise £5,000 in the first instance for extra cots, mattresses, blankets, food, clothes, medication and staff. It will then cost approximately £150 per month to keep each baby at the centre and provide them with food, clothing and medical care. We as Beautiful Gate UK would like to raise £10,000 which will enable Beautiful Gate to care for all 14 babies for 5 months until a more permanent solution can be found. We are asking you to stand with us and please donate generously to this appeal. We realise this is an extraordinary request but this is an extraordinary situation that we can not ignore. They would welcome any support that can be given.