Talking Support for Isolated VIPs

Talking Support is aimed at easing the isolation and loneliness sight impaired people can experience by giving something as simple as social contact. This service is vital in a county like Cornwall with widespread rural isolation where inidividuals needs are compounded by their physical disability.

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There are approx. 12,000 people in Cornwall with severe sight loss. As sight loss in the UK is mainly age-related, around 89% of visually impaired people in Cornwall are retired. Losing your sight can be a frightening experience, which can damage self-confidence, cause anxiety, depression and the feeling of loss. Rates of depression are twice as high amongst visually impaired people. Social isolation is often cased by an inability to get out of the home due to rural location and disability. Support from family and friends can be limited , with over 44% of our clients reporting having a visit from a family member or friends less than once per week. We currently have a team of 18 dedicated volunteers who work in paris providing over 2,600 calls per year to lonely and isolated visually impaired people. Over the next year we aim to expand the service to: • Assist and support up to 70 clients per year, a 30% increase. • Increase the number of volunteers from 18 to 24. • Reduce waiting list numbers and length of time on list • Providing 5,000 hours of support (720 days) over 3 years. • Increase the number of calls per week, where appropriate, for service users identified as particularly vulnerable It costs £11,000 per year to reach out to make a difference to the quality of life experienced by our most vulnerable and isolated clients, a modest cost of £200 per person reached.