VIP Young People's Holiday

Cornwall Blind Association would like to offer 15 blind and visually impaired young people, aged 11-16years, the opportunity to go away on a one week adventure holiday during the school summer holidays to build skills, confidence and develop a support network.

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It ran from 2:14 PM, 30 September 2011 to 2:14 PM, 30 September 2011

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Very few people experiencing sight loss are affected as a child; there are approx. 360 children affected by sight loss in Cornwall. The wide spread and rural nature of the County can lead to isolation for many of these children. Inclusive education strategies mean children with sight loss attend mainstream schools. Whilst this provides many benefits, it does mean that many children do not get to meet other children with sight loss, share experiences, and develop friendships. Many are also not able to participate in after school and holiday activities along with their sighted peers due to a lack of staff training and physical adjustments. Being ‘different’ and ‘excluded’ from activities often adds to their sense of isolation. The holiday would provide the opportunity to stay away from home for the first time and to mix with other children with sight loss. In addition to having a great time, the holiday will support these children to: • Share life experiences and realise they are not alone • Develop a social network, peers/friends • Participate in activities not normally available to them • Build confidence and team work skills The holiday will also provide families/carers of children with sight loss with a vital break/respite from the day-to-day responsibilities of parenting a child with a disability, and a valuable chance to spend quality time with other siblings and family. With the help of local community fundraising and charitable trusts our target now is to raise the £4,700 it costs each year to make such a dream a reality. At a cost of just over £300 per child it pays for they stay at an adeventure activity camp, to participate in 10 adventure sports supported by specialist coaches, all top off with evening entertainment.