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Dare to dream of what the future may bring

With your help, we can secure a bright future for Helen’s Trust so we can fund whatever it takes for anyone with an incurable illness to be in their home, surrounded by the people and possessions that bring them the most comfort when they die. You can help us deliver this most precious gift.

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When you’re feeling a little under the weather, the only place most people want to be is at home. Imagine how it must feel to not only be dying, or watching a loved one die, but know you can’t be at home because you haven’t got the care or equipment that is needed. Because we are a local charity, we understand the benefit of Helen’s Trust as we have proudly helped members of our community for the past eight years. We also understand the importance of developing the charity so we can increase the spread of our work to touch the lives of even more people for years and years to come. However, in order to secure our future, we need to ensure we have the funds in place to cover our costs and implement our plans to grow. What is driving us forward is the knowledge of the difference we can make to the quality of life for people with incurable illnesses, and also the support and peace we can give to their families and friends. Here is a little reminder of why we exist… “There aren’t enough words to say thank you for all the kindness, support and help we had when we needed it most… if it wasn’t for Helen’s Trust we would not have been able to spend those last precious days with him, at home, which was our greatest wish… he was treated with the dignity and respect he so truly deserved………thank you from the bottom of our hearts” “On behalf of the family I would like to thank you for all the help and support we received during the last 3 months until mother died…we found the experience of watching mother deteriorate quite shattering but the care made it bearable and mother was kept pain free and comfortable... the carers from Helen’s Trust were wonderful and we would not have been able to cope with out them.” The outcome of this fundraising appeal is simple: To secure the funds to develop Helen’s Trust over the next five years so we can help more individuals and families like the people quoted above. Brief summary of end goals and estimate of costs to achieve security: Goal: Income secured to cover the cost of office rental and utilities. Estimate cost over 5 years: £50,000 Estimated cost per year: £10,000 Goal: Salary and costs of employing our Charity Manager and Administrator (our only two paid employees) covered so they can continue to develop and drive Helen’s Trust. Estimate cost over 5 years: £250,000 Estimated cost per year: £50,000 Goal: Part-time post created and funding secured for another paid member of staff to work in new localities. Estimate cost over 5 years: £50,000 Estimated cost per year: £10,000 Goal: Resources identified and funded to provide volunteers with the fundraising toolkits they need to organise fundraising events with confidence. Estimate cost over 5 years: £50,000 Estimated cost per year: £10,000 TOTAL ESTIMATED COSTS OVER 5 YEARS: £350,000 Estimated cost per year: £80,000