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Bucharest Street Children Day Centre

We are looking for funding to open up a day care centre to provide support for street children and those in need in Bucharest.

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At present HEAL Romania has a basic office at a centre called Murialdo. While adequate for administration, it offers us no way of immediately helping the many street children who come to us for help and so we have to send them back to the street. Given our mission, this is incredibly frustrating and damaging to those we are trying to support. Therefore, we are fundraising for a building of our own. We hope to open a day centre for street children and poor families to attend and also have our offices based here for those in need to drop in. Considering the size of the charity (income was less than £6,000 last year) we have made significant progress in Bucharest over the last two years making tangible and long-lasting changes to the lives of the poorest and most in-need individuals and families. We really hope to be able to take our support in the community to a significantly higher level by establishing ourselves in a base and being able to offer additional services to those in need, including: • Socialisation opportunities for children in social care allowing greater chance of integration into society. • Opportunities to learn and play in a safe environment • Somewhere safe that children and homeless families can stay in the short-term while more permanent accommodation is found Funds Required 1. Capital costs We have scouted a number of options for buying the building, ranging from €40,000 - €60,000. We would also be looking for some financial support in renovating/kitting out the building; depending on the building we buy will determine how much renovation is necessary. We would also require some funds for legal advice with regards the purchase. 2. Ongoing running costs We estimate these to be about €800 per month and are aiming to meet these through regular, standing order donations and have so far gathered £150 p/m. We also estimate that some families will be able to pay a small amount to bring their children in to play. This will also help in the running costs